Footsteps of the Faith

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I realize I had gotten away from something good in my life, and a transition or seasonal change reminds me of this. Today,… Continue reading

Connection’s Mother’s Day Dinner

We are looking forward to Connection’s First Mother’s Day Dinner and worship. We will be setting up in the gym of CFC and creating a great atmosphere for all to enjoy the evening… Continue reading

Connection Worship

I know I speak for many when I say it has been good to be lead in music during worship by Chris Atkins at Connection Church. It has been good to feel that… Continue reading

Connection Christmas Concert

Why a Christmas concert? One of the realities I have faced as a husband and father during the Christmas season, is that I typically get to the end of it and wish I… Continue reading

Connection’s Thanksgiving Meal with Friends

Attempting a little play on words there. No, this is not Connection Church having a Thanksgiving dinner and inviting others, although that would be a great thing to do. This time we are… Continue reading

Strenuous Work

What comes to your mind when you think about strenuous work? For me, this image is what comes to my mind. Why? I have had the privilege of being a laborer for a… Continue reading

The Jersey Effect

Connection Church is excited for the opportunity tonight to sponsor the pre-game meal and make available to the Seniors on the Carmel High School football team a signed copy of Hunter Smith’s and… Continue reading

A Vital Message

Last Sunday, at our gathering for Connection Church, we spent some time talking about what it means to say that Connection Church will be a church FOR the city. First, what makes up… Continue reading

FOR the City

What does it mean to be FOR the city? How would we know if an organization was genuinely for the city? In fact, we would need to begin this type of discussion with… Continue reading

Connection Church in Carmel “A Fresh Start”

We are excited about this weekend! On Sunday evening, April 22nd @ 6:30PM Connection Church will be gathering for an intentional time of communicating the vision of Connection Church for the present and… Continue reading